Security Data Services

Security Optics™ understands the importance of cost-effective, user-friendly software management services and offers a variety of optional data services ranging from storage options to extended warranty programs. We work closely with clients to customize their Security Optics™  equipment and service plan to ensure their organizations’ unique needs are met.


Security Optics™ understands that capturing “bulletproof” footage and data is the beginning, which is why we offer a variety of data management and storage solutions. We work with our clients to customize their service plan so it best meets their organizations’ unique needs:

Data Storage:

  • Security Optics TSOC™ (Transportable Security Optics Command Center)
  • Onsite
  • Offsite
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid


  • 24/7 tech support
  • Data management
  • Data analytics
  • Storage hosting (on-site or cloud-based)
  • Asset allocation metrics
  • Business analytics
  • Training
  • Investigation support
  • Forensic experts for data collection, extraction, processing and reporting
  • Remote tracking and monitoring of lost or stolen devices
  • SLA insurance
  • Customized software configuration


Every organization has unique data and infrastructure security needs. Security Optics™ creates fully customized, comprehensive solutions that mitigate risk, optimize physical and information assurance and provide forensic support. Our wide array of integrated technology, data and investigational services offers a holistic approach to security, in turn providing world-class protection.


Expert Security Services
Expert Security Services The foundation of Security Optics’ information protection and risk mitigation is designed to provide a basic assessment of your business data safety, along with a customized overview of security solutions to consider and incident/investigation support.

IRIS™ (Incident Response Investigatory Support)

e3 Pulse™ (Security Assessment)

Security Control Event Analysis

Confidential Data Assurance


Business Asset Protection Assurance™ Programs
Business Asset Protection Assurance performs an in-depth assessment of your security control framework to measure its effectiveness against constantly evolving threats. This program utilizes an ongoing “Check-Up, Diagnosis, Treatment” cycle to discover vulnerabilities and take the action necessary to mitigate risk and prevent recurrence. Additional benefits include customized response plans in the event of internal and external investigations or incidents.


Security Optics™ Data Loss Prevention™

Security Optics™ Archangel™ (Physical Security Assessment)

e3™ Red Team


Comprehensive Information Security Assurance Program
Featuring the full range of Security Optics’ available evaluation services and protection solutions, the Comprehensive Information Security Assurance Program includes a multi-tiered infrastructure assessment and provides all of the elements necessary for implementing a successful security and data-protection strategy.

Security Optics™ Phoenix™ 

Security Optics™ Phoenix™

Security Optics™ Phoenix™ represents a holistic approach to asset protection and risk management that incorporates technology, physical security, staffing, operational costs and more. This custom-tailored service allows us to identify, build and maintain the best strategy to optimize your organization’s protection, minimize wasteful spending and maximize ROI.


CFI/e-Discovery utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach and cross-channel analysis to help your organization in the event of legal proceedings, regulatory issues, audits and other internal or external investigations.

Security Optics™ Data Loss Prevention™

To ensure data safety, this comprehensive assessment analyzes where confidential information resides, as well as how it is used, maintained and secured. Our Data Loss Prevention service also ensures the safety and confidentiality of your information and assesses your organization’s compliance with internal and external guidelines.

Security Optics™ Archangel™

Security Optics utilizes the same infrastructure protection specifications as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to assess your organization’s vulnerability. This intensive security review is performed by the same experts who created the National Infrastructure Protection Plan NIPP).

e3™ Red Team

e3™ Red Team analyzes the effectiveness of your information security program and accurately diagnoses the health and safety of your business’s assets by safely mimicking a variety of threats. If gaps or leaks are detected, we will provide you with a comprehensive plan that includes the customized structure and cost-effective tools necessary to minimize risk.

Confidential Data Assurance

This top-level assessment looks at how your valuable data is stored, used and maintained, and whether or not it is leaking from the environment. This service actively monitors and track your organization’s confidential data (at rest and in transit) to ensure it remains confidential and protect it proactively.

Security Control Event

Designed to provide risk assessment for non-data, infrastructure-related concerns or incidents, our Security Control Event service provides a summary of the most appropriate remediation considerations.

Quick Read™ IRIS™ (Incident Response Investigatory Support)

In the event of a technology based incident, IRIS quickly and objectively provides investigatory support to identify the issue while forensically preserving and gathering pertinent information.

Quick Read™ e3 Pulse™

e3 Pulse provides a top-level assessment of your key security controls and capabilities based on a small sample of assets, and provides a summary plan for protecting your assets and operations. Based on the findings, this service can be seamlessly upgraded to the e3™ Red Team program.